Inspirational music has no boundaries as music bridges relationships between aspirational people around the world. So let’s kick start the collaboration and rejoice with full enthusiasm and passion for the live music scene in Singapore.

Singapore X Taiwan Music Bands’ Collaboration III

To continue enhancing the vibrant and positive synergy to the local live music scene, ROAR MUSIC event is presenting Ling Kai from Singapore and Chocolate Tiger from Taiwan in this May 2016. Over and above that, both lead vocalists are talented female singers-songwriters.

Ling Kai (SG)

Singapore singer-songwriter with an intriguing balance of tones from bell-like to rich and deep at the same time. She had started forming bands and performing in live house during her university days. Not forgetting that, her first upload on Youtube, “Larkin Step” got a million views in which an Australian indie label, Lempicka Records picked her up and released her first ever English EP in 2009. During 2012, she had participated a songwriting competition in China and received overwhelming supports from the audience. With continuous performances at music festivals in Singapore and later joined Wise Entertainment which founded by Lee Sisong and Lee Weisong from Singapore, her first bilingual album “LinK” was then released in 2013. Through her learning and fruitful music journey, Ling Kai earned her golden opportunity in showcasing her original Chinese songwriting piece on Sing My Song, a Chinese original music contest airing on CCTV in 2014. On top of that, she was nominated for Best Newcomer in Singapore’s Y.E.S. 933 Hit Awards. With these, Ling Kai is again ready to bring up her best and light up the audience with her distinctively irresistible originals on ROAR MUSIC event in this May 2016.

Chocolate Tiger (TW)

Taiwan rock band who actively exudes positive vibes and has a synthesis combination in both lyrics and music of expressing their love languages for their homeland, daily life and loved ones. In 2013, they have released their first album, “Midnight Factory” and in order to experiment with different talents or musicians, they have been constantly changing and showcasing their music in different forms of styles or moods. These are inclusive of their performance outfits, performing stages, live performances with various musicians and of course to always aim in creating exclusive live moments with their audience each time. Step by step, the band had finally found their unique symbolism in continue to bring their music love languages to their audience. Last 2015, a brand new album “Yi Jun” was officially launched and to the band, this album consists of all their determined efforts and hard work in creating, doing, writing, producing, designing, conceptualising, realising and completing whole fully together. To embrace this new year, their new drummer is welcomed onboard with an outstanding union of 3 females and 1 male in this 2016. Great-fully, Chocolate Tiger is all eager to showcase their impressive combination of their live music at ROAR MUSIC event.

Sun May 15, 2016
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Hood Bar and Cafe
Online Ticket SOLD OUT $30.00
Venue Address
201 Victoria Street, #05-07, Bugis+, 188067 Singapore
5mins walk from Bugis MRT station

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